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Summer Academy Oxbridge Dubai
Summer Academy Oxbridge Dubai
Summer Academy Oxbridge Dubai


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At the Oxbridge Summer Academy, we offer unique learning programmes that give students the best preparation for the next stage of their education. Our bespoke programmes are taught by highly qualified educators with practical experience of the courses they teach. We are not here to simply teach, but to cultivate problem solving and analytical skills, leaving students in a stronger position for the next stage of their development. 
Universities now place extra emphasis on extra-curricular activities and we can offer references, certifications and personal development that are extremely valuable. For more information about how students can benefit from studying with us at the Oxbridge Summer Academy, please get in touch. 


Medical Training Courses 


Summer Academy in Oxbridge and Dubai


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Summer Academy in Oxbridge and Dubai. Our students

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...Thank you so much for teaching us the medicine course - I really enjoyed the lessons and they made me want to come back again next year.

Natasha, 2018 course participant




genetic engineering at our Summer Academy in Oxbridge and Dubai

Genetic Engineering and Ethics of Science and Medicine 

In this course students will learn to think critically, develop their scientific writing and enhance subject knowledge. Even if students do not choose to embark on a career in science, they will learn valuable skills that will prove extremely useful in future study

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Neuroscience at our Summer Academy in Oxbridge and Dubai

Experimental Psychology and Neuroscience 

Whatever career students are working towards, looking at why people behave and the underlying causes behind actions is a subject that will provide exciting and topical discussion. This course will challenge thinking and develop decision-making processes. 

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English language and literature at our Summer Academy in Oxbridge and Dubai

English Language and Literature 

This class draws on the student’s interest and passion for literature and develops their approach to linguistic and literary analysis. Students will learn to think critically, debate with peers and explore the human condition.

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Thinking mathematics course at our Summer Academy in Oxbridge and Dubai

Thinking Mathematics 

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects and elements of it bear on many aspects of everyday life. Learning how to harness the power of mathematics will put students in a valuable position, even if they do not wish to study it further. This course will help students conduct investigations, research problems and develop their presentational skills.

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Maths for biologists at our Summer Academy in Oxbridge and Dubai

Maths for Biologists 

For prospective biologists who would like to improve their mathematics, this course will help develop the principles and techniques that are critical to the subject. This is a bespoke course that will give students a unique skillset that is invaluable for those hoping to study medicine, natural sciences and biology.

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Medical training courses at our Summer Academy in Oxbridge and Dubai

Medical Training Courses 

The education that is provided in countries is rarely identical. These workshops are designed to bridge the gap between certain countries and the United Kingdom and develop the problem solving and analytical skills that is essential to those hoping to study on western medical programmes.  

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International Courses 

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We are a global company and our reach spans Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In certain countries, there is a shortage of high-quality summer schools, even though the demand for such schools is strong, especially in Dubai and Dhaka. At the Oxbridge Summer Academy, we aim to satisfy this demand with exceptional teaching at fair and transparent pricing. Best of all, you won’t have to send your children abroad – we come to you. We have designed relevant, valuable courses that will enhance the skillsets of students and give them the tools for the next stage of their development. 

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University Applications 

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As experienced teachers with a comprehensive knowledge of the Oxbridge application process we can provide invaluable assistance to make applications a success. Many of our tutors are alumni of Oxford and Cambridge and we can prepare students for application and interview, so that when the time comes, they are in the best possible position. 


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