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Genetic Engineering and Ethics of Science and Medicine

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This course looks into some of the issues that are relevant to curriculum topics such as genetic engineering and genetic modification. The course explores how industry in the developed world is currently using these technologies and also looks into the medical applications such as gene therapy and embryo screening. For young people today who are going to lead the next generation or work in science, it is very important that they identify that science is not only about theories. The application of science requires responsibility and ethical consideration. 
At the Oxbridge Summer Academy, students will learn valuable skills that they can use even if they don’t take science as a career. Students will learn to think critically and debate social issues, develop their scientific writing skills, and expand on subject knowledge. 

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Experimental Psychology and Neuroscience 

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This course is modelled after an actual Cambridge University course at a level that younger students can access. This course will take students on a journey of the mind, learning about memory and examining dreams. It will look into neuroscience and how the brain, its anatomy and its chemistry can impact on people’s lives and personality. 

Students will pick up crucial skills in terms of experiment design and learn to evaluate the validity of experiments. Whether students want to be a scientist, or a doctor or work in advertising, banking or business, this course will make students challenge their thinking.

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English Language and Literature

International Course  UK Course

In this course, students will have the chance to immerse themselves in some of the greatest works written in the English language. They will also improve their analytical and written skills, looking closely at how a text’s language, form and structure help to shape meaning. Students will cover the basics of various topics, such as analysing fictional and non-fictional texts, comparing texts, and creative writing. 
In this course students will develop a more nuanced and critical approach to linguistic and literary analysis. They will learn to think critically, debate with peers and develop their analytical writing. 

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Thinking Mathematics 

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Most people appreciate that at its core, mathematics is about problem solving and pattern finding. However, a much underrated ability, is that of being able to ask interesting questions and pursuing particular lines of investigation. School courses typically do not give much importance to openended, free-form investigations, so that is what this course focuses on. 
Students will learn how to articulate a research problem and gain experience in conducting selfdirected investigations. These are all transferable skills that they will find valuable in all walks of life, but particularly in careers that are mathematics-based, such as finance and investment banking. 

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Maths for Biologists 

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Even students who have A* grades in GCSE maths struggle with applying their knowledge to the questions in A-Level biology examinations. It is as if students are able to solve mathematical questions in a maths paper, but are unable to recognise which techniques are relevant in a different context. 
This course will take students through mathematical principles and techniques in biology by introducing each as a solution to a particular biological problem. We hope that this will enable students to see maths as a natural expression of the various problems presented, so that they will easily be able to identify which part of the mathematical toolkit to use for any given question. 
We will cover topics in statistics, algebra, arithmetic and graphs. We draw on an extensive bank of thousands of questions, our detailed analysis of head examiners’ reports, and our own data and experience collected from teaching A level biology in schools, to identify those areas of the mathematical topics in the A level biology syllabus which cause students the most difficulties.

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What Will Students Gain from Us?  

course certificated from our Summer Academy in Oxbridge and Dubai


Students will get a certificate from a UK-registered company confirming completion of our course(s). 

Summer Academy in Oxbridge and Dubai feedback


The course tutor will assess every student’s participation in the course through their contributions to discussions and through at least one written assessment. They will get input on areas of development. 

Summer Academy in Oxbridge and Dubai, references for your future


The course tutor will provide students with a report on all the skills they have developed. This is saved in our database and can provide a reference on our letterhead, which students can give to their teachers, for them to refer to when it is time for them to write a university reference. 


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Peace of Mind 

At the Oxbridge summer Academy, we understand that parents may feel anxious in letting their children go abroad on their own. We provide the opportunity to experience the benefits of UK-style summer courses in a trusted environment in your home country. Our courses, certificates and references are equivalent to what students would get at a similar summer school in the UK, as our trainers are from UK, the classes are at the same standard, and we are registered in the UK. 

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Develop Your Skills   

Cambridge and Oxford Universities interview most of the students that meet their academic criteria. Statistically speaking, Cambridge interviews 80% of all the applicants. The interview is the tricky part because students fail to answer problem solving questions on the spot. Through our courses, we teach students those skill sets while also extending their general knowledge around the subject.


help with university applications at our Summer Academy in Oxbridge and Dubai

University Applications 

Participation in our summer school is beneficial for applications to top US and Canadian universities as well as those in the UK. This is because universities in these countries don’t look solely for academic excellence: they also prefer students who have a track record of noteworthy extracurricular activities. Participation in our summer courses is a prime example of such an activity, as it demonstrates drive and dedication. Many of our educators are graduates of Oxford and Cambridge and we can offer incisive advice and helpful guidance to put university applications in the best possible light.


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