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International Doctor Training Programme

It goes without saying that applying to medical school is an arduous process. Competition is fierce among candidates and it is imperative that applicants lay extensive groundwork and preparation before they apply to their chosen schools. When students apply to western medical schools from a non-western educational system, the process can appear even more difficult. The International Doctor Training Programme is designed to give students the skills and knowledge that will give applications a much better chance of succeeding. 

Why Do I Need to Study This Programme? 

No two educational systems are the same. There are differences in content, techniques and teaching styles between every country, and this difference is even starker between western and non-western educational systems. In Bangladesh for example, there is an emphasis on knowledge and content. In western schooling, a greater prominence is given to problem solving and analytics, and this is what we aim to rectify with this course at the Oxbridge Summer Academy. 

Who Is the Course For?  

The International Doctor Training Programme is designed for non-western students who wish to study medical school in Europe or the USA and eventually become a doctor. This programme will give students the tools and preparation to help build a strong application with a healthy chance of success. In addition, the course will introduce students as to how medicine is taught and studied in the west and answer any questions that students may have. 

What Will I Study? 

We are in the process of partnering with medical schools around the world to deliver workshops for student doctors. These workshops will cover a number of topics including the practical skills and problem solving abilities that are essential for western medical school programmes. Personal statements and entrance exams will also be explored and the course will analyse interview techniques and potential questions. 
All of our workshops will be led by UK trained medical practitioners. If students are looking to study medicine in the west, there is no need to travel there first. Our programme will give students all the exposure, knowledge and skills needed to put them on the path towards studying in the west. 



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